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EnerStarlink by EnerStar Solutions is proud to partner with Starlink as one of the few authorized resellers across the globe to bring your business the most reliable and efficient high-speed broadband internet powered by the newest Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. 

Starlink's advanced satellite technology ensures reliable and fast connectivity, empowering industries to thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. Whether you are in oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, government, finance, maritime, or any other industry, Enerstar Solutions is well-equipped to enhance your connectivity experience with Starlink's revolutionary technology.


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Starlink Flat High Performance Kit

Designed for mobility applications and challenging environments. It provides consistent connectivity while on the go.

Starlink Flat High Performance Kit provides high-speed network coverage of up to 220 Mbps and is powered by the largest network of low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites in the world. Its sleek and durable antenna allows for complete visibility and efficient management over a sizable fleet of vehicles in any kind of weather. Starlink Flat High Performance Kit provides data-intensive mobile activities for any vehicles without compromising its high-speed capacity.

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Get high-speed internet on the ocean

Starlink Maritime

With the world's largest satellite constellation, Starlink provides connectivity on Earth's oceans and waterways, including coverage in international waters. Starlink for Maritime delivers faster speeds and network priority - meaning your data is prioritized whether at port or on open waters. Ideal for connecting ships, yachts, rigs, and boats to high-speed internet while at sea.
EnerStarlink Services
At EnerStar Solutions, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and providing the support you need to make the most of your Starlink internet connectivity. Our team is here for you 24/7, ready to deliver unmatched assistance and ensure your online experience is nothing short of exceptional.
24/7 NOC Support
Already own a Starlink device and unable to receive the assistance you require? 

Talk to us! Our 24/7 NOC offers live technicians. We provide custom portals for our customer with customizable pro active alerts.
Emergency Assistance
Get connected anywhere, even in the most extreme situations.

We provide temporary high-speed internet and LTE cell phone coverage even in the most remote locations with our full solar mobile equipment.
Events & Occasions
Are you hosting an event that will require high-speed internet for large group of people?

We offer temporary, pop-up high-speed internet for both local and remote events, including concerts, corporate gatherings, gun shows, trade exhibitions, and racing events.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who is EnerStar for?

Enerstar offers Starlink Satellite Internet services tailored to meet the connectivity demands of businesses and organizations, irrespective of their scale. Our Starlink High Performance Unit, equipped with an enhanced gain antenna, augmented throughput allocation, and superior resilience to extreme weather conditions, empowers businesses to maintain uninterrupted bandwidth for critical operations round-the-clock. 

In addition to providing top-tier equipment, Enerstar delivers comprehensive support to address your networking requirements effectively. 

It's important to note that at present, EnerStar does not extend its support or services to residential units or homes.

Why Order Starlink from EnerStar?

Enerstar offers shipping services through leading delivery companies to cater to customers across both Canada and the USA. Orders are guaranteed to be processed and shipped no later than the following business day. 

Moreover, Enerstar specializes in providing a wide array of accessories necessary for various Starlink setups, accompanied by ongoing advanced support services and installation assistance. You can find detailed information regarding our offerings by visiting here

At Enerstar, we prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to delivering prompt responses to any inquiries or concerns you may have through our dedicated customer service team.

What comes in a box with my Starlink Kit?

Starlink High Performance Kit:
  • Starlink HP Kit
  • Dish Base
  • Power Supply
  • Starlink Router
  • 25m (82 ft) Starlink Cable 
  • 5m (16.5 ft) Ethernet Cable 
  • 2m (6.5 ft) Router Cable 
  • 1.8m (6ft) AC Cable (Power Supply)
  • 1.8m (6ft) AC Cable (Router) 

Starlink Flat High-Performance Kit: 
  • Starlink Flat Kit
  • Wedge Mount
  • Power Supply
  • Power Supply Mount  
  • Starlink Router Router Mount 
  • 8m (82 ft) Starlink Cable  
  • 5m (16.5 ft) Ethernet Cable 
  • 2m (6.5 ft) Router Cable
  • 1.8m (6ft) AC Cable (Power Supply)
  • 1.8m (6ft) AC Cable (Router) 

For other Starlink accessories you will need for your installation, kindly browse our store for options.

Is EnerStar Starlink available in my area? What speed should I expect?

Starlink offers satellite internet connectivity spanning across nearly all regions of Canada and the USA, including remote and hard-to-reach areas.

The speed of the internet service is contingent upon various factors such as geographical location, time of day, and prevailing weather conditions. Users can anticipate download speeds ranging from 25 to 220 Mbps and upload speeds ranging from 5 to 20 Mbps.

Do you provide services for installation?

Enerstar operates through a network of offices and strategic partnerships spanning across both Canada and the United States, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all your installation requirements. Our expansive reach enables us, along with our affiliated partners, to collaborate closely with you in facilitating installations on diverse structures and vehicles, regardless of their geographical location.

Feel free to reach out to us today to initiate the quotation process and discover how Enerstar and our network can serve your installation needs effectively.

What is the process for Starlink Data plans billing and payment?

EnerStar Solutions accepts major credit cards as valid forms of payment, while prepaid credit cards are not accepted.

Starlink Data plans are exempt from supplementary credit card charges. Upon purchase, the initial unit and first month subscription fees will be charged. Subsequent monthly billings will occur on the 1st day of each month and will continue until termination of service. All data subscriptions required a minimum six (6) month contractual commitment with EnerStar Solutions. 

Your invoice will be sent to the email address we have on file and will be sent as a monthly statement. Should you desire to change your payment method, kindly reach out to us, and we will send you a link to update your payment details.

Upon service termination, no further charges will be incurred.

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